Vulcan Fire Training

Update on Scheduled Training Course Dates

Published: 3rd April 2020

The Vulcan team would like to provide our delegates with a quick update on our previously scheduled training dates, and how you can contact us over the coming weeks and months.

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The Latest Fire Prosecutions - July 2018

Latest Prosecutions July 2018

Published: 31st July 2018

The latest council prosecutions against landlords who have failed to implement the relevant fire safety plans have resulted in hefty fines and prison sentencing.

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Latest Prosecutions - June 2018 | Vulcan Fire Training

Latest Prosecutions - June 2018

Published: 2nd July 2018

The latest prosecutions highlight a £25,000 fine for a managing agent, who put tenants at risk, and a landlord in Peterborough who was fined £5,000 after ignoring requests to make improvements to a property. These fines continue to serve as an important reminder of fire safety. 

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Latest fire prosecutions - May 2018

Latest Prosecutions - May 2018

Published: 6th June 2018

Serving as a reminder of the importance and severity fire safety breaches can result in, our latest update on fire assessment-related prosecutions highlights a £20k fine for a takeaway owner who put his employees at risk and a landlord who was fined £6,500 after forcing his tenants to live in a fire trap.

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