Extinguishing Fire Safety Myths

31st March 2022

When it comes to fire safety it’s important to ensure you have the correct knowledge as this can improve fire safety prevention practices within an organisation and ultimately, save lives. In this blog post we will debunk some common fire safety myths by separating fact from fiction…


Smoke detectors don't require maintenance There are many misconceptions when it comes to fire safety and this is one of the most common ones. Fire alarms and smoke detectors need to be maintained and tested regularly especially if they are reliant on batteries to ensure they are in good working order. 

Newer buildings are safer than older buildings - Regardless of age, fires can start in any property or building. Whilst a lot of newer buildings are fitted with fire retardant materials, most fires start due to human actions or negligence therefore this isn’t an accurate way to predict whether a fire will or will not occur. 

If a fire extinguisher hasn’t been used, it will still be okay in the event of a fire - Even if not used, over time fire extinguishers can become less effective. Most manufacturers recommend replacing them every 5 to 15 years depending on the type of extinguisher used. For this reason, regular maintenance is required and they should be checked for:

Any damage to the hose or handle
Signs of change to the pressure gauge
Signs of leaking or corrosion to the extinguisher's body

Fire extinguishers should be replaced immediately if the locking pin is missing. The testing schedules for alarms, emergency lighting, extinguishers etc. are referenced in the building’s Fire Emergency Plan.

 Fire safety doors can be propped open to allow ventilation - Fire doors are fundamental to most buildings. In the event of a fire a fire safety door that is propped open or ajar will be rendered useless as it will fail to contain the flames and smoke, enabling it to rapidly spread to the rest of the building. Furthermore, not only does it put lives at risk but companies can be fined if a fire door is found to be propped open.

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