Fire Safety Act 2021

The Fire Safety Act 2021

Published: 7th May 2021

The Home Office introduced the new Fire Safety Bill, in an effort to improve fire safety in buildings in England and Wales. The bill has passed through the parliamentary process to become law.

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Fire Safety Training Courses From Vulcan Fire Training

What Is Fire Safety?

Published: 4th December 2020

In this blog post, we take a closer look at fire safety training, reveal the types of courses available and what you can expect to receive from an accredited fire safety workshop.

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FM Global Resilience Index

UK Must Improve Fire Safety Over The Next Few Years

Published: 31st May 2019

Nearly two years on from the fire in Grenfell Tower that killed 72 people, the UK is still holding a mid point position in the FM Global Resilience Index despite a commitment to raising quality and enforcement of fire-safety design.

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Latest Fire Prosecutions - April 2019

Published: 30th April 2019

We bring you the latest fire prosecutions from April, 2019, to highlight the importance of fire safety and the legal consequences that can occur when fire safety regulations are breached.

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