4 Key Benefits of Bringing Your Pet to Work

11th April 2022

Vulcan Fire Training understands the importance of good mental health, which is why we do not employ happiness officers, we have dogs! In celebration of national pet day today, we are sharing some of the benefits by showing you a few snaps of our furry companions that regularly visit our office and help to brighten our days. We strongly believe that this enhances work life balance, improves relationships in the workplace and creates a very relaxed atmosphere.

In recent years, working from home has increased significantly with it now becoming a mainstream feature of many job roles. In addition to this, pet ownership in the last two years has skyrocketed. Therefore, it is no surprise that our four legged friends become accustomed to having their owners by their side more often. However, as restrictions began to lift and people returned to the office, it resulted in many owners considering whether bringing their pets into the office is a suitable solution. Some of key benefits are:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety - studies have found that stroking your pet creates a calming effect and releases oxytocin, which in turn helps to reduce the heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Pets improve morale - statistics reported by VetHelpDirect state that 90% of UK pet owners say owning a pet makes them happier, therefore by bringing your companioninto the office you are spreading happiness amongst your colleagues which in turn creates a more pleasant and lighthearted atmosphere.
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  • They can boost attendance - withmany of us consideringpets as an integral part of the family, it is understandable that we may feel concerned if they are left alone for long periods of time. By bringing your dog into the office, employees are less likely to miss work for a pet-related issue or have to utilise their lunch break to go home and let the dog outside.
  • Helps to promote movement - it is no surprise that we can get immersed in our work and forget to take a break from the screen. By bringing your pet into the office you are more likely to improve circulation and rest your eyes by getting up to let them outside, tending to them or simply giving them a cuddle.

In addition to this, we would like to share a photo of Fudge, a hearing dog who attended one of our Fire Risk Assessor courses with his owner. Fudge may not know how to compile a fire risk assessment report, but we are always happy to accommodate service dogs and he certainly brought a smile to our faces.


If you have a service or assistant dog that you need to bring with you to one of our courses, our team are happy to help. To get in touch please contact us on 01925 211488.