Which of our Fire Training Courses is right for you?

6th September 2018

Here at Vulcan Fire Training, we offer a range of fire safety courses for organisations and individuals from a range of industries.

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Our courses can be delivered in-house at your premises or you can attend one of our public courses which are held at a range of venues across the UK including:
  • Glasgow
  • Northampton
  • London
  • Warrington

All of our courses are approved or accredited by the Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM)  who actively encourage successful Vulcan delegates to become a member at the appropriate grade. This grade is gained from the successful completion of the relevant fire safety qualification.

Our courses are delivered via multimedia presentations and hands-on practical exercises with additional templates, reference materials and information to provide delegates with the skills they need to confidently manage fire safety in their workplaces.

Below we’ll go through our range of courses and which individuals and organisations will be best suited to each course:

Fire Manager Certificate

This course combines the 5-day Fire Risk Assessor and 4 Day Managing Fire Safety courses to provide in-depth and practical training on the different aspects of fire safety.

Lasting 9 days, this course consists of 2 parts which cover the essentials required to implement an effective fire safety management system which is in line with current legislation.

Who should attend?

This course is beneficial to those with a basic or a good working knowledge of fire safety training and for those looking for a framework from which to conduct fire risks assessments and fire safety plans. Find out more.

5 Day Fire Risk Assessor

This course is designed for individuals from a wide range of industrial and commercial backgrounds who require in-depth, practical training in fire risk assessment.

Upon completion, this course ensures that delegates feel confident to carry out fire risk assessments and produce fire emergency plans of small to medium size premises.

Who should attend?  

Those with a limited or good working knowledge of fire safety who are looking to learn and develop their skills in fire risk assessments and fire emergency plans will benefit from the course. Find out more.

4 Day Managing Fire Safety

This course is for those who have successfully completed Vulcan’s 5-day Fire Risk Assessor course. This 4-day course enables delegates to be awarded the Fire Manager Certificate and to be able to apply to the Institute of Fire Safety Manager (IFSM) or the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) for Fire Technician grade of membership, subject to their validation.

Who should attend?

Those who have successfully completed the 5-day Fire Risk Assessor course and are looking to complete a professional, nationally recognised fire safety management qualification. Find out more

Conversion to Fire Manager Certificate

Designed for those who have taken the NEBOSH Fire Safety & Risk Assessment Certificate, who want to enhance their knowledge and skills.

This course covers in-depth fire risk assessments, fire safety reports and fire emergency plans and upon completion ensures that successful delegates feel confident in producing relevant fire safety documentation which is in line with current legislation.

Who should attend?

Those who have the NEBOSH Fire Safety & Risk Assessment Certificate and are looking to build upon their skill in creating and implementing fire safety assessments and plans. Find out more

Fire Manager Advanced Diploma

The diploma is created for those who have successfully completed the Fire Manager Certificate course or equivalent and are members of one of the fire safety institutions that are wishing to enhance the knowledge and professional standing.

Taking delegates’ knowledge to the next level on more complex premises and multi-story buildings, this course covers advanced fire safety provision, advanced fire risk assessment and advanced fire safety management.

Who should attend?

Those who have successfully completed the Vulcan Fire Manager Certificate course, have equivalent fire risk assessment and safety courses and are members of a fire safety institution. Find out more.  

Fire Risk Assessor Mentoring

For those who have attended our Fire Risk Assessor/Fire Manager course, we offer mentoring which is designed for people who would like to refresh their fire risk assessment knowledge or require practical help. During this, our consultants will visit your premises to offer feedback, guidance and advice as required. Find out more.

Who should attend?

Intended for delegates that have completed our Fire Risk Assessor/Conversion to Fire Manager/Fire Manager or equivalent.

Fire Warden Training

Providing management with the opportunity to improve fire prevention practices within their workplace, this course trains individuals to become fire wardens and teaches them how to implement good fire safety.

We offer a range of fire safety warden training course relevant to specific industries including:

Who should attend?

Individuals who hold fire warden responsibilities within their workplace e.g Fire Wardens, Deputies and Safety Representatives.

Fire Extinguisher and Awareness Training

This course provides information, instructions and training on using fire extinguishers for those who have fire safety responsibilities within their workplace. Find out more.

Who should attend?

Employees and nominated staff who have safety and firefighting responsibilities within their workplace.

If you’re interested in improving your knowledge and gaining a professional qualification in fire training take a look at our 2018/19 course calendar here, or find out more about our full range of fire training courses here.