Excellent Results Achieved On Online Fire Risk Assessor Course

22nd February 2021

We would like to say huge congratulations to all delegates following their success on the recent Online Fire Risk Assessor course!

Our successful delegates included:

Andy Eatock, Ark Risk - "Thoroughly enjoyed it."

Kate Berry, First Response Fire Safety UK Ltd - "Brilliant course. Totally kept me interested and moved at a perfect pace. The trainer kept the course moving but was happy to re-visit content when required. I was debating if an online course could work for me but needn't have worried."

Dean Boddington, Atlas Safety Management Ltd - "Curse was excellent. Trainer was great and patient. I feel I have the confidence and knowledge to carry out comprehensive and robust FRAs."

David Singer, Red Fire Safety

Fiona Ireland, Erith Group - "Course was very interesting. Trainer was very informative and patient."

Joseph Stewart, AS Watson Group

Jack Sheridan, Independent - "Great course all round. From little knowledge on the subject over the course I learnt loads. Trainer was an excellent instructor, very friendly and informative."

Christopher Gildea, Alderhey Childrens Hospital - "Great course full of useful information, examples and exercises."

Jordan Clarke, Trident Building Consultancy Ltd

Rebecca Warner, SOCOTEC UK

Neil Clutton, Powys County Council - "Course is well structured and provides a good grounding in assessing buildings for FRAs. Course would benefit from being onsite but Covid has not enabled this to happen. Trainer presented well."

Stephen Fisher, Powys County Council

We would like to say a big thank you to all of our course attendees and wish them the best of luck for the future!

About The Fire Risk Assessor Course

The Fire Risk Assessor course forms part one of our prestigious 9 day Fire Manager course.

Upon successful completion, delegates gain the knowledge, experience and confidence to carry out fire risk assessments, produce fire safety reports and fire emergency plans of small to medium-sized properties.

This course is ideal for those working within a wide range of environments, including industrial and commercial backgrounds in both the public and private sector. Additionally, those with limited or basic working knowledge from fire safety will benefit from this course.

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