The Importance of Fire Safety

30th June 2022

Fire prevention matters. Prepare for the unexpected with a fire safety course.

Whatever the size of your company, fire safety training is a key consideration for all businesses. Statistics published by The Home Office state that Fire and Rescue services attended 14,308 fires in non-dwelling (commercial) buildings across the UK in 2019-20.  Proof, if ever it was needed, that fires remain a major risk to both our workplaces and the people who work in them.
Furthermore, organisations are legally required to ensure that their workplace complies with the latest building regulations and health and safety standards. With this in mind, in this blog we’ll take a closer look at the importance of fire safety and provide you with an overview of some of the courses we offer.  Firstly, here’s an overview of our courses:

Fire Safety Training Courses from Vulcan Fire Training
We offer a wide range of fire safety training courses, which are delivered either in-house at your premises, at public training facilities or online via a secure web-based platform. 
All of our courses are approved or accredited by the Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM) and each of them is designed  to equip delegates with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to confidently manage fire safety in their workplaces. 
To help you make the right decision, we’ve listed some of our most popular courses below and outlined which individuals are best suited for each course:
Fire Manager Course (9 day)
This course combines the Fire Risk Assessor course (5 day) and the Managing Fire Safety course (4 day), to provide comprehensive training on all aspects of fire safety. 
Who should attend?
Ideal for those looking for a professional fire safety management qualification, this course is suitable for delegates with little or good working knowledge of fire safety. Click here for more information. 

Fire Risk Assessor Course (5 day)
This highly practical 5 day course is part one of the prestigious Fire Manager course (9 day). Upon completion, successful delegates can apply for the Fire Technician Grade with IFSM. 
Who should attend?
This course has been specifically designed for individuals working in a wide range of industrial and commercial backgrounds. The course is ideal for those looking to learn and develop their skills in fire risk assessments and fire emergency plans. Learn more here.

Managing Fire Safety Course (4 day)
This next step  course is for delegates who have successfully completed our Fire Risk Assessor course (5 day) and forms Part 2 of our Fire Manager course (9 day). 
Who should attend?
This course is perfect for those who have successfully completed the Fire Risk Assessor course (5 day), and are now looking to complete a professional and nationally recognised fire safety management certificate. Find out more here.

Conversion to Fire Manager Course (5 day)
This 5 day course is designed for those who already have the NEBOSH Fire Safety & Risk Assessment Certificate and wish to enhance their knowledge and skills further. Upon successful completion delegates will feel fully confident in producing relevant fire safety documents. 
Who should attend?
As mentioned above, this course is specifically for those with NEBOSH Fire Safety & Risk Assessment Certificate. Click here to learn more.

Fire Manager Advanced Course (5 day & project)

This course is designed for those who have passed our Fire Manager course (9 day), and wish to enhance their professional knowledge. 
Who should attend?
Successful candidates on our Fire Manager course.

Why fire safety training matters
Failure to have correct fire safety preventative measures in place plus inadequate knowledge and training in the event of a fire, can result in disastrous consequences. Fire damage can destroy infrastructures, the environment and most importantly can cause fatalities.  So put safety first with a professionally-accredited fire safety training course.
With the above legislation, and obvious health and safety considerations in mind, it is evident to see the importance of fire safety within the workplace. Therefore, if you’re embarking on fire safety training, it’s essential that the course you have selected is suitable for your requirements. 
At Vulcan Fire Training, we offer a comprehensive course portfolio that covers all aspects of fire safety from hospitals to a care home setting, we’ve got you covered. 
Take a look at  our full course portfolio here . Due to popular demand and limited availability, it’s well worth booking your place as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
Alternatively, contact us and our friendly team will be happy to help.