Success for Northampton Fire Manager Course Delegates

17th December 2015

Vulcan is pleased to announce the success of the following delegates who attended the Fire Manger Module 2 course held in Northampton 9-12 November: 

Delegates for the course included:

    • Ryan Facer, Becky Foxley, H & S Advisor, Devon & Cornwall; 
    • Lud Moran, Senior Facilities Manager, iPSL; 
    • John Power, Head of Security, Wallace Collection; 
    • Zoe Reed, H & S Advisor, Devon and Cornwall;  
    • Stephen Shepherd, Building Manager, Maritime & Coastguard Agency; 
    • Kirsty Smith, Senior Fire Officer, Tata Steel UK
    • Mark Spears, HSEQ Manager, Sita UK.

Delegates wrote:

"Loved the course - trainer builds your confidence and by the end you feel you know what you're supposed to! - Becky Foxley

"Good grounding and understanding of fire, fire systems, legal requirements, best practice" -Lud Moran

"The quality of the course and trainer was excellent" - John Power

"The course is lead at a good pace and in a way that the information provided is definitely taken in." -Zoe Reed

"This was a well compiled and presented course." - Stephen Shepherd

"Fantastic course, really helped to understand and under pin everything learned in module 1." - Kirsty Smith

All the delegates can now apply for Fire Technician course and we wish them all the very best for the future in their fire safety roles, 

Vulcan is yet again pleased to announce the success of the following delegates who completed Module 2 of the Fire Manager Certificate course in Northampton early in December - Tracey Carr, National Health & Safety Manager, Liberty Living; Anthony Crumpton, Head of Safety & Security, Merseycare NHS Trust; and Brian Wood, Director of Health, Safety and Security, Bury College.

Tracey Carr email following the course saying - "I really enjoy your courses I come away with so much information that I can use day to day.  Absolutely brilliant.  You will be seeing some of my colleagues in the near future and I am looking at getting some quote from you for training our managers.  The trainer was fantastic, his teaching techniques are the best, he has little sayings that help you remember things, and his knowledge is amazing."

Anthony's comment was simply "Superb" and Brian has enquired about the Fire Manager Advanced Diploma course on which he is now eligible to enrol.

Delegates are able to apply to the IFSM or IFE for Fire Technician membership of the respective Institutes and we wish them well with their fire safety roles within their workplaces.

For more information on this course and all our fire training courses click here.