Fire Warden Training: Everything You Need To Know

14th May 2021

Fire Warden training is an essential component of implementing a robust fire safety management program within your workplace.

In this blog post, we take a closer look at the importance of fire warden training and reveal what you can expect from an Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM) approved Fire Warden training course.

Why Is Fire Warden Training Important?

As outlined in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, businesses are legally required to provide adequate information, instruction and training for nominated individuals with fire safety responsibilities.

Fire Warden training, also commonly referred to as Fire Marshal training, is the perfect opportunity to significantly improve your organisation’s fire prevention practices. With adequate training, your Fire Wardens are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to implement fire safety management procedures.

Fire Warden Training From Vulcan Fire Training

Our comprehensive Fire Warden training course is designed to provide you with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to successfully administer fire safety management procedures within your workplace.

The course is delivered in 3.5 hours sessions, which is split into 3 hours of theory and 30 minutes of practical exercises. During the course, all participants will learn more about the key responsibilities of a Fire Warden, and crucially all delegates will be provided with knowledge, skills and abilities to undertake their fire safety responsibilities competently and confidently.

Please note our Fire Warden training courses are held in-house at your premises - contact us to enquire about availability. To facilitate the course we simply require a training room large enough to accommodate the number of attendees and an area equivalent to the size of approximately 3 car parking spaces away from any buildings or combustibles for the practical. Our fully qualified trainers will provide the projector, laptop and screen for the presentation.

The Fire Warden training course is ideal for a maximum of 15 delegates. However, we can arrange two sessions at the same venue, on the same day, to ensure that all relevant employees receive the essential training. Additionally, we provide sector-specific Fire Warden training for various industries, simply click the links below to enquire or learn more:

Is Fire Warden Training Right For Me?

This course is ideal for individuals that are nominated to undertake any fire safety responsibilities this includes Fire Wardens/Fire Marshalls, deputies and safety representatives. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a Fire Warden certificate which is approved by the Institute of Fire Safety Managers.

Why Should I Take The Fire Warden Training Course?

Are you unsure whether or not Fire Warden training is right for you? To help you make the right decision, here are some examples of the fire safety duties that you will be able to manage upon completion of this course:

  • Implement Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEPs) to safely evacuate individuals that require assistance
  • Determine the size of fire that you can safely manage with the available fire equipment
  • Understand fire phenomenon including backdrafts
  • Implement practical fire safety rules
  • Use the PASS formula to ensure the safe use of fire extinguishers
  • Confidently operate portable firefighting equipment
  • Safely navigate in a smoke-filled environment

How To Book A Fire Warden Training Course?

To book a Fire Warden training course for your organisation, please contact our friendly team at  Alternatively, if you’re interested in learning about our full fire safety training course portfolio, please click here.