Fire Marshals/Wardens - what does the law require from organisations?

17th September 2015

Fully trained fire marshals/fire wardens are needed to be responsible for maintaining calm and discipline in an emergency.  Each storey should have one fire warden/marshal for each exit on that storey.

Extract DCLG Fire guide for existing workplaces:

Staff expected to undertake the role of fire wardens/marshals require more comprehensive training.  

Fire Marshals/Wardens - what does the law require from organisations?| Vulcan Fire Training
Their role may include:

    • Helping those on the premises to leave
    • Checking the premises to ensure everyone has left
    • Using firefighting equipment if safe to do so
    • Liaising with the fire and rescue service on arrival
    • Shutting down vital or dangerous equipment
    • Performing a supervisory/management role in any fire situation.

Training for this role may include:

    • Detailed knowledge of the fire safety strategy of the premises
    • Awareness of human behaviour in fires
    • How to encourage others to use the most appropriate escape route
    • How to search safely and recognise areas that are unsafe to enter
    • The difficulties that some people, particularly if disabled, may have in escaping andany special evacuation arrangements that have been pre-planned
    • Additional training in the use of firefighting equipment
    • An understanding of the purpose of any fixed firefighting equipment such as sprinklers or gas flooding systems
    • Reporting of faults, incidents and near misses.

Extract BS 9999 Managing Fire Safety guide for existing workplaces: