Vulcan encourages Click It, Kick It campaign

4th September 2017

Alongside supporting Fire Door Safety Week, Vulcan is also encouraging the Click It, Kick It campaign which highlights the importance of not wedging open fire doors.


Everyone who sees a fire door open in a building is being urged to take a photo and post it onto social media using the hashtag #ClickItKickIt, then ‘kick’ the wedge away to close the door, report it to the building manager and donate your wedge.

As part of this scheme, the wedges donated to BWF-Certifire have been used to create a sculpture to be put on display in London - 350 years since the Great Fire of London started in 1666.

Wedges can legitimately be used for temporary purposes – for example, if someone needs to prop open a door while moving a large item – when it’s been included in the risk assessment for that activity. Some doors are fitted with automatic hold-open devices, connected to the fire alarm, which will close in the event of a fire. The latest Government statistics show that there were 213 deaths and more than 6,700 casualties from building fires in England in the six months of April to September 2015.

A Trainer from Vulcan Fire Training, said:

‘’It costs nothing to stop wedging fire doors open and whenever you see one that is immediately remove the wedge and remind everyone of the pledge not to do so anymore and the importance of why.’’

Ensure that your building meets its legal requirements such as keeping fire doors closed with relevant fire training from Vulcan including fire extinguisher and awareness, fire warden and fire risk assessment. You can book one of our training courses here.