Updated British Standards for Emergency Lighting Released

1st August 2016

The British Standards Code of Practice for Emergency Lighting of Premises has been updated and is now available - BS5266-1:2016.

Updated Code for Emergency Lighting

This standard gives detailed guidance on the application and practice of emergency lighting.

The purpose of the standard’s recommendations is to encourage uniformity of application, based on providing adequate safety to people in the event that normal lighting is interrupted.

The standard aims to promote a wider understanding of the different types of emergency lighting system that can be used, and give guidance on how different systems can be correctly applied to different categories of premises with varied requirements.

The standard has been written for two audiences.

Lighting engineers and electrical contractors who need to protect building occupants from the hazards identified by risk assessments. The standard gives guidance on both new and existing installations to meet current requirements.

The standard is also designed to give confidence to premises’ owners, landlords and employers that they are meeting their legal requirements regarding emergency lighting.

For more information on the updated Code visit the BSI website here.