Understanding the responsibilities of a fire warden

20th April 2016

If you work for a business and have been assigned the responsibility of being a designated fire warden, it is essential to understand your responsibilities.

Staff who are expected to undertake the role of fire wardens / marshals require comprehensive fire training.

Roles and responsibilities of a fire warden
Outline of Fire Warden Role:

    • Helping those on the premises to leave
    • Checking the premises to ensure everyone has left
    • Using firefighting equipment if safe and they are trained to do so
    • Liaising with the fire and rescue service on arrival
    • Shutting down vital or dangerous equipment
    • Assisting disabled persons to a place of safety
    • Carrying out the monthly inspection of fire extinguishers and recording the results
    • Performing a supervisory / managing role in any fire situation
    • Assisting the fire safety manager as required.

Required Training:

  • Required training for this role may  include:
  • Detailed knowledge of the fire safety strategy of the premises
  • Awareness of human behaviour in fires
  • How to encourage others to use the most appropriate escape route
  • How to search safely and recognise areas that are unsafe to enter
  • The difficulties that some people, particularly if disabled, may have in escaping and any special evacuation arrangements that have been pre-planned
  • Additional training in the use of firefighting equipment
  • An understanding of the purpose of any fixed firefighting equipment such as sprinklers or gas flooding systems
  • Reporting of faults, incidents and near misses.

Here at Vulcan Fire Training, we offer a range of in-house Fire Warden training courses specifically designed for people working in a variety of industries including offices, education facilities, healthcare, care homes and construction.

These courses are for up to 15 people and will take just half a day. Delegates will learn the essential duties of Fire Wardens (Fire Marshals) and be provided with the knowledge, skills and abilities to undertake their duties competently and confidently.

For more information click on the relevant link below or contact us to discuss your specific requirements.