UK Must Improve Fire Safety Over The Next Few Years

31st May 2019

Nearly two years on from the fire in Grenfell Tower that killed 72 people, the UK is still holding a mid point position in the FM Global Resilience Index despite a commitment to raising quality and enforcement of fire-safety design.

Out of the 130 countries assessed, the UK still remains in 35th place, which is the same position it occupied in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Despite the UK performing much better for overall resilience, ranking 10th, more work is still needed to improve across the board.

The government has pledged to implement recommendations made by the Independent Review of Buildings Regulations and Fire Safety, which includes a comprehensive review of Approved Document B - the document setting out building regulations.

The FM Global Resilience report highlights that as a country we are still lacking on quality and enforcement, in addition to fire risk improvements.

It is important to note that individual companies also have a responsibility to ensure their own businesses meet fire safety regulations, by ensuring they are compliant and carry out regular fire risk assessments.

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