Praise for Fire Manager Advanced Diploma Course

22nd June 2020

Vulcan Fire Training's Fire Manager Advanced Diploma course received praise from successful delegates recently.

About the Fire Manager Advanced Diploma

The diploma is designed for holders of the 9 Day Fire Manager Certificate, or members of one of the fire safety institutions, who wish to enhance their professional standing and who have received equivalent training to that covered on the Fire Manager course.

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Well done to our successful delegates who received their diploma recently.

Darren Lalley:

“The Fire Manager Advanced Diploma is the 'cherry on top of the cake' having attended other courses with Vulcan. As a self-funder I can honestly say that these courses provide exceptional value for money (and that’s coming from a tight Northerner). The syllabus embeds confidence and technical knowledge to overcome the challenges we face within the profession, providing practical solutions.”

Joni Goodman, Estates Business Partner, Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA):

“This course has built on the 9 day course knowledge, refreshed my memory and will now allow me to undertake FRA’s at larger buildings with far more confidence, the course was well run and the tutor managed to get across a lot of learning in a very supportive, well-paced and fun way.”

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