New British Standard for Emergency Lighting

26th October 2016

November will see the latest revision of BS 5266-1.1:2016 for Emergency Lighting in Premises come into force.

Update to BS for emergency lighting come into force in November

The standard aims to promote a wider understanding of the different types of emergency lighting system that can be used, and give guidance on how different systems can be correctly applied to different categories of premises with varied requirements.

It has also been designed to give confidence to landlords, owners and employers that they are meeting their legal requirements.

Changes that have been included in this most recent update include:

  • The measures the assessor is required to take include the provision of safe means of escape taking into account the needs of people with disabilities including visual impairment.
  • High risk task lighting to provide illumination for the safety of people involved in potentially dangerous processes or situations, to enable proper shut-down procedures for the safety of the operator and other occupants of the premises.
  • Guidance on illumination of external 'open balcony' approaches to flats/maisonettes within blocks.
  • Helping protect occupants if they stay put in a building during an emergency and to help occupants to continue normal operations in the event of failure of the supply to the normal lighting in a non-emergency situation.

For more information on this latest standard visit the BSI website here.