Latest Fire Prosecutions - April 2019

30th April 2019

Fire prosecutions May 2019
We bring you the latest fire prosecutions to highlight the importance of fire safety and to remind you of the risks and legal consequences that can occur when fire safety regulations are breached.

This month we’ve been looking at prosecutions against various landlords who’ve failed to meet fire safety regulations for their tenants.

Case 1

Colchester Council has successfully prosecuted two landlords for offences including failing to meet fire safety regulations.

A London-based property management company has been successfully prosecuted by Colchester Council after it was found to have breached 36 House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) laws.

Concerned tenants contacted the council after being unable to gain a response from property owner Ankor Limited about their concerns. Among other issues the company had failed to meet required standards in fire and electrical safety regulations.

The council also prosecuted Raymond McSweeney of Colchester for similar breaches in fire, electrical and environmental safety regulations. The conviction included a blocked fire escape, which lead to a fine of over £7,000.

Council leaders made a point that they’re not afraid to take legal action and landlords who aren’t meeting their safety obligations. "The breaches at these properties left more than a dozen tenants living in unsafe living conditions, which put them at risk in their homes.”


Case 2

A housing association has been found guilty of breaching the Home Standard and Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order after a survey carried out in December 2018 identified a number of serious issues leading to major concerns over fire safety.

Kinsman Housing Limited was slow to respond to a previous Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) conducted almost a year before that concluded a number of follow up actions were necessary, which were then reported by a third party and lead to the breach of the Home Standard. It was also determined that there was a serious detriment to tenants during this time period.

The regulator has brought a programmed of works to Kinsman to carry out, with a decision to be made on whether further action will be taken later on.


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