How to stay fire safe this summer

1st July 2021

Fires are responsible for devastating injuries and fatalities. Not only are they physically harmful but they often cause irreparable damage to buildings and belongings.

The glorious summer months are now underway with the days being longer and warmer, however with this comes a different set of risks to be aware of. In this blog post we will highlight the importance of fire safety and how to stay fire safe this summer.

The importance of fire safety
Fire safety training is vital as it helps to protect staff and visitors in business premises, residents in care homes or guests in hotels. Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, businesses are legally required to nominate a competent individual to undertake a fire risk assessment, create a fire emergency plan and implement a fire risk management system.

The latest statistics published by The Home Office state that Fire and Rescue services attended 14,308 fires in non-dwelling (commercial) buildings across the UK in 2019/2020. These figures illustrate the importance of implementing correct preventative measures to ensure safety within the workplace.

The key fire safety risks in summer
Fire safety training is not only important for organisations but it could be the difference in reducing or eliminating risk of injury or death in an emergency situation.

How to stay fire safe this summer
  • One of the nation's favourite pastimes is to light the barbeque during summer. This popular outdoor activity is often enjoyed by staff and residents of care homes however both charcoal and gas BBQ’s come with their own set of fire risks that shouldn’t be underestimated.
  • The summer months can be long and muggy at times. Many workplaces do not have adequate ventilation or air conditioning installed so to attempt to cool a building down, fire safety doors are often left open.
  • Many construction workers find that work is sparser during the winter months due to the unpredictable weather conditions. During summer when construction is at its peak, many combustible materials are frequently used within the industry therefore increasing the risk of fire hazards.

Our fire safety courses
We offer a comprehensive portfolio of fire safety courses, all of which are accredited or approved by the Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM). Delivered by our qualified and expert trainers, our in-depth courses consist of a variety of multimedia presentations and practical exercises.

Our fire safety courses are designed to provide a comprehensive knowledge of fire safety, some of which include fire extinguisher awareness training, or fire warden training based on industries such as care home, healthcare or construction.

Ultimately, whilst you cannot foresee whether or not a fire will occur, by undertaking preventative measures this could be the difference in reducing or eliminating risk of injury or death in an emergency situation.

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