Free Fire Safety Guidance Documents Available

1st August 2016

To help ensure you are up to date with all the latest fire safety guidance, we have provided you with links below to download free documents.

Residential Care Homes
The Chief Fire Officers' Association has released a good practice guide specifically for residential care homes. 

The guide focusses on additional guidance that the NASHiCS Fire Safety Working Group felt was required in order to ensure full understanding of fire risk assessments.

You can download the document here.

Association for Specialist Fire Protection - Colour Books
These well known ASFP publications, distinguished by their coloured covers and referenced in the Building Regulations, provide definitive guidance on a range of passive fire protection measures used to protect steelwork, ductwork, partitions, penetrations seals and other components in building structures.

The following books are available as FREE downloads here.

  • Grey Book - Fire and Smoke resisting dampers 
  • Yellow Book - Fire Protection for structural steel
  • Blue Book - Fire resisting ductwork British and European versions
  • Purple Book - Fire resisting non load-bearing partitions
  • Orange Book - Fire retardant coating systems
  • Red Book - Fire stopping and penetrating seals.