Fire Warden Training - Healthcare & Care Homes

6th October 2017

Here at Vulcan Fire Training we offer a range of Fire Warden Training courses. Including Fire Warden Training Courses styled for the Healthcare and Care Home sectors.  

Fire Warden Training - Healthcare & Care Homes

The healthcare and care home sectors provide vital care and treatment to a range of patients/residents. The industry is varied and consists of many different job roles from Doctors to Care Assistants but it’s important that everyone within the healthcare and care home industries know what to do in the event of a fire.

The Fire Warden Training Course we offer here at Vulcan Fire Training will ensure that those within the healthcare and care home sectors have an understanding of:

    • The legal fire requirements for healthcare establishments
    • The different dependency levels of patients within the health or care home facility.
    • The options available when evacuating patients with disabilities and their personal evacuation plans.
    • Carrying out efficient and effective fire evacuations of the premises
    • What causes fire and how it develops and spreads
    • Assessing the size of fire they can safely deal with using appropriate fire-fighting equipment.
    • Confidently move and evacuate patients/residents from a smoke filled environment.

The course is a half day multi-media course approximately 3.5hr in duration with 3 hours of theory and half an hour practical using fire extinguishers on a fire simulator. In the course workers will learn the importance of fire safety within the healthcare and care home industries, as well as the essential duties and responsibilities of a Fire Warden.

Below are just a few examples of feedback from past attendees of the Fire Warden Training - Healthcare and Fire Warden Training - Care Homes courses:

    • ‘The trainer presented the course in a lively manner. I enjoyed the course and all the essential points were highlighted.’ - A Chamos, Staff Nurse
    • ‘A very educational course that will benefit my care home’s understanding of fire safety and preventative measures.’ - A King, Senior Nurse Care Assistant.

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This course can be booked as an in-house option allowing it to take place in your own premises and everyone attending the course receives a certificate of attendance which is approved by the Institute of Fire Safety Managers.

If you would like more information about any of our fire safety training courses or to book one of our other public or in-house courses, please contact us.