Fire Warden Training for the Construction Industry: All You Need to Know

27th October 2021

The construction industry plays a significant part in the infrastructure of many other organisations. With the nature of this fast paced, constantly evolving trade, fire warden training is crucial, as failure to implement correct fire safety measures can result in disastrous consequences.

Construction site fires put workers at risk and potentially threaten lives and buildings within the surrounding area. Common causes of fires on construction sites are due to arson, hot works, electrical faults and the improper use/disposal of combustible materials.

Statistics issued by the Home Office reflect that over the last five financial years, there has been a 9.6% increase in the number of fires on construction sites. When categorising the causes of the fires on construction sites, accidental fires account for 62.5% and 37.5% are classed as deliberate.

Fires can set ablaze in any instance, high-profile fires such as the Notre Dame cathedral in 2019, the five-star Mandarin Oriental hotel in 2018 and the Koko music venue in Camden in 2020 are to name but a few. All of these high-profile fires took place when major renovation works were occurring, ultimately resulting in severe ramifications. 

Many fire hazard risks can be avoided or minimised with adequate and comprehensive fire safety training, to ensure fire safety compliance on site. In this blog post we highlight the importance of Fire Warden training and take a closer look at our course tailored towards the construction industry.

The importance of Fire Warden training

Fire Warden training, also commonly referred to as Fire Marshal training, is the ideal opportunity to significantly improve your organisation’s fire prevention practices. Construction (Design and Management (CDM) Regulations 2015 require that businesses must provide adequate information, training and instruction for nominated individuals with fire safety responsibilities. As the construction industry consists of many different job roles from groundworkers to crane operators, it is imperative that correct fire safety measures are implemented in the event of fire.

Who the course is aimed at

This course is suited to individuals who are nominated to undertake any fire safety responsibilities including Fire Wardens/Marshalls, deputies and safety representatives. Upon successful completion of the course delegates will receive a certificate of attendance which is approved by the Institute of Fire Safety Managers.

What delegates will learn on the course

Our accredited, comprehensive course is delivered across 3.5 hours, which is divided into 3 hours of theory and ½ hour of practical exercises. Delegates will learn the essential duties of Fire Wardens/Marshals on construction sites and be equipped with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to confidently undertake their duties. 

If you’re considering our Fire Warden training course, the following modules are covered:

Fire Evacuation Procedures

  • Safe evacuation key points
  • Fire Warden responsibilities
  • Personal emergency evacuation plans
  • Behaviour of people evacuating a building on fire 

Main Causes of Fire

  • Arson
  • Accidental
  • Faulty electrics and equipment
  • Hot works

Fire Fighting Procedures

  • Fire development
  • How to fight a small fire
  • Portable fire-fighting equipment
  • Classification of fires

Fire Safety Provision

  • Fire warning systems
  • Means of escape
  • Fire-fighting equipment

Fire Science

  • How fires build and spread
  • Fire science
  • Backdrafts
  • Fire-fighting procedures

Additionally, we provide the option to enhance the Fire Wardens course with the inclusion of live fire extinguisher training.

Where training takes place

Our Fire Warden training courses are held at your location / premises and are suitable for a maximum of 15 delegates. If you require a larger number of delegates to attend we can arrange two sessions at the same venue on the same day to ensure all relevant employees receive the essential training. Our fully qualified trainers will provide the projector, laptop and screen for the presentation. However, to help us facilitate the course, we simply require a training room that is large enough to accommodate the required number of attendees and an area equivalent to the size approximately 3 car parking spaces away from any buildings or combustibles for the practical exercises.

Alternatively if you work in a different sector or have different requirements within your organisation you can view our full course portfolio here.

How to book

To book a Fire Warden training course for your organisation, please contact our friendly team, at  or call us on 01925 211488.