Fire Safety and Duty of Care

27th July 2022

The importance of Fire Warden Training in a healthcare or care home setting.

Health care facilities such as hospitals and care homes have a duty to keep patients, residents and visitors safe. Mobility may be limited or restricted for many, therefore it’s imperative staff are equipped with the skills and knowledge should a fire occur. Failure to implement correct fire safety preventative measures can lead to disastrous and fatal consequences, as well as legal recriminations.
With this in mind, many fire hazards can be avoided or minimised with comprehensive fire safety training. In this blog post, we take a closer look at the importance of fire warden training within the care sector and reveal what you can expect from our in-depth, accredited Fire Warden training course.

In the event of a fire, evacuating a hospital or care home can prove difficult due to the sensitive nature of the environment and the sheer number of people that require assistance. 

Statistics published by The Home Office state that Fire and Rescue services attended 14,308 fires in non-dwelling (commercial) buildings across the UK in 2019-20. Furthermore, the London Fire Brigade reported that the biggest causes of fires within care homes were  cooking/cookers, kitchen appliances and smoking-related incidents. Whereas in contrast, the main causes of fires within hospitals were from overloading electrical sockets, smoking related incidents and the improper use and transportation of flammable, medical gasses.

Our Fire Warden Training Courses
Our Fire Warden courses are tailored towards specific industries and are suited to individuals who are nominated to undertake any fire safety responsibilities including Fire Wardens/Marshalls, deputies and safety representatives. Upon successful completion of the course delegates will receive a certificate of attendance which is approved by the Institute of Fire Safety Managers.

What can delegates expect to learn from the course? 
Delivered by our experienced trainers, the duration of our accredited, comprehensive course is 3.5 hours, which is divided into 3 hours of theory and ½ hour of practical exercises. Delegates will learn the essential duties of Fire Wardens/Marshals in a care home and be equipped with the skills and theoretical knowledge to confidently undertake their duties. All of the modules that are covered for our Fire Warden care home training course can be found here, and the modules for our hospital training course can be found here

Where does the training take place?
Our Fire Warden training courses are held at your location / premises and are suitable for a maximum of 15 delegates. If you require a larger number of delegates to attend we can arrange two sessions at the same venue on the same day to ensure all relevant employees receive the essential training. Our fully qualified trainers will provide the projector, laptop and screen for the presentation. However, to help us facilitate the course, we simply require a training room that is large enough to accommodate the required number of attendees and an area equivalent to the size approximately 3 car parking spaces away from any buildings or combustibles for the practical exercises.

Want to find out more?
Our courses are always in high demand so it’s advisable to book ahead in plenty of time. 

To find out more information get in touch with one of our friendly team members on 01925 211488 and we’ll be happy to help. Alternatively if you work in a different sector or have different requirements within your organisation you can view our full course portfolio here.