Excellent Results For Standard Aero Group On Fire Risk Assessor Course

13th November 2020

Following a great week in sunny Portsmouth, we would like to congratulate all delegates from Standard Aero Group following their success on the in-house Fire Risk Assessor course last week!

Fire Risk Assessor Course

The Fire Risk Assessor course is part one of the Fire Manager Certificate. This prestigious course ensures that on completion delegates feel competent and confident to complete essential tasks such as: carry out fire risk assessments, produce fire safety reports and create fire emergency plans for small to medium size premises, in line with current legislation.

The highly practical 5 day course features a combination of multimedia presentations and practical exercises. Upon successful completion, delegates can apply for the Fire Technician Grade with the Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM) leading to the TIFSM professional fire safety qualification (subject to validation).

Congratulations to the following Standard Aero Group delegates for successfully completing our Fire Risk Assessor course:

Alexander Biggs, Watch Manager – “Good course with a good pace. Didn’t feel out of depth but learnt a lot.”

Danny Porter, Watch Manager – “Excellent course, paced to the skillset and knowledge of participants.”

Darren Watts, Crew Manager – “I would like to thank the trainer for his help in passing this course. His knowledge of the course was amazing. He would go the extra mile to explain something if I was unsure.”

Dean Brooker – “Great course. Very well explained. Great instruction. Good knowledge of subject from instructor.”

Ian Lister, Fire fighter

James Leighton-Smith, Watch Manager

Kristian Wanstall

Marc Warnes, Watch Manager – “Enjoyable course. Delivered in manageable segments. Left feeling confident in carrying out a full and competent risk assessment.”

Stephen Bint – “Well structured and broken down into manageable sections and at a pace for all.”

We would like to say a big thank you to all our course attendees and we look forward to seeing them in December for the Managing Fire Safety course

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