Bad weather conditions affect fire safety across the UK

2nd March 2018

Nearly every part of the country has been hit by snowfall and gales this past week. The Met Office have declared Thursday as being the UK's coldest spring day on record!

Firefighters tackle snow blaze

Forecasters are warning of life-threatening conditions and said winter “is still in control” as Storm Emma arrived with the country already in the grip of Siberian cold air nicknamed the “Beast from the East”.

Millions struggle to get to work and thousands of schools close, but what happens if you have a fire in your home or business? The extreme weather conditions are making it a huge battle for firefighters to attend fires, particularly in rural areas with remote access.

Contrary to its seemingly elemental opposition to fire, ice makes it extremely difficult for firefighters to do their jobs.

Fighting fires in extreme winter cold presents a host of unique challenges. Snow drifts can bury and obscure hydrants. Water can freeze on the inside and outside of hoses, damaging them or rendering them unusable. Icy roads can make it challenging for hulking fire engines to reach the scene of a blaze.

Equipment troubles aside, the miseries and hazards of being out in the cold are compounded when firefighters are exposed to freezing spray for hours at a time and clothes meant to protect against heat offer little help against frostbite.

Follow these important tips on preventing fires and how to help firefighters in snow:

    • Keep your hydrant clear of snow. That is your lifeline. That could mean the difference of you getting out of your house safely if we could get to water quickly or not at a fire.
    • Check your fire alarms every week
    • Make a fire plan for your house or workplace
    • If you discover a fire, leave it as quickly as possible - try and wrap up warm if you can and go outside
    • Don’t go back into the premises for any reason once you get out
    • Call 999 straight away to put out the fire

Here at Vulcan we offer a range of fire training courses to help both companies and individuals understand what to do in the event of a fire and in bad weather conditions.

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