Use Your Enhanced Learning Credits for Fire Safety Training Courses

If you are looking to make best use of your enhanced learning credits (ELC) in fire safety then why not use them to gain professional fire safety qualifications by obtaining high quality fire safety training from the experts in fire training at Vulcan?

We have for many years been an approved supplier with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and have developed a range of courses tailored to match the needs of the enhanced learning credit scheme.

Available Courses

Fire Manager Certificate (5 Day Fire Risk Assessor & 4 Day Managing Fire Safety)

For those with the higher allowance, the first module of this course covers fire risk assessments in depth and provides you with software and templates so that you can apply the practical knowledge straight-away.

The second module covers fire science, fire safety management, fixed installations and pre-fire planning, and after successful completion of the course's open book examinations you are able to apply for Fire Technician grade with the Institute of Fire Engineers (IFE) or Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM). Subject to validation.

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5 Day Fire Risk Assessor 

If you only have the minimum allowance this course is a good start as it goes into fire risk assessments in depth and provides you with software and templates so that you can apply the practical knowledge straight-away. It also is the first step towards a Fire Technician qualification.

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4 Day Managing Fire Safety

For those who have successfully completed the 5 Day Fire Risk Assessor Course this 4 Day module enables delegates, upon successful completion, to be awarded the prestigious Fire Manager Certificate and be eligible to apply to the Institute of Fire Safety Manager (IFSM) or the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) for Fire Technician grade of membership, subject to their validation criteria.

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Conversion to Fire Manager Certificate (5 Day)

Those who have already taken the NEBOSH Fire Safety and Risk Management Certificate have an opportunity to go into detail about fire risk assessment with software and templates provided and apply for Fire Technician grade with the IFE or IFSM. Subject to validation.

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Fire Manager Advanced Diploma (5 Day Plus Project)

Successful delegates from the Fire Manager Certificate are able to enrol onto this course, advisedly once they have built up some experience in carrying out fire risk assessments, should they wish to enhance their qualification up to Member grade with the IFE / IFSM. Subject to validation.

Following the training, which covers much larger premises and high rise buildings, delegates are given 6 months in which to complete a project of a minimum of 10,000 words which is meant to be a working fire safety management document for a building rather than just an exercise.

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How to Book

  • Research the fire training course that you would like to take and check that there are places available.
  • For up-to-date information on how to apply visit
  • Send us a copy of your CAN form and complete our on-line booking form: 
    • You will receive an automatic confirmation.
    • You will be invoiced for your personal contribution which must be paid prior to the start of the course.
    • Two weeks’ prior to the course you will be emailed with information for your first day.
    • Once you start the course the MoD will be invoiced for ELC payment.
  • The week following the course you will be informed of the outcome of your final open book examination and your certificate will follow.
  • Use our accommodation lists on the website to book accommodation at or near the venue if required (not included in course fee).