Back to work, back to basics

30th August 2023

Do not start autumn with your staff untrained on fire safety.

After the summer holiday season, September is the time when, we head back to work or school. This often means that there is a new in-take of staff, and some of your fire safety-trained expertise may have left during the summer. So, make sure you meet your legal obligations and ensure that the right people in your organisation have the correct training to protect themselves, employees, and visitors.

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We have all been there, it is easy to fall back into the routine of the work week when returning after some time off over the summer holidays, however, now is more important than ever to ensure your staff are up to date on all things fire safety related. 

Did you know that the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order 2005 states that businesses are legally required to provide adequate training, information and instruction for individuals with fire safety responsibilities. Fire safety training is not merely a good practice; it is an essential component of maintaining a secure environment for employees, customers, visitors, and the public. Additionally, fire safety is not just about compliance; it also empowers individuals to be prepared, responsive, and proactive in the face of potential fire related dangers. Through our comprehensive training programmes, delegates gain a deep understanding of fire prevention, evacuation procedures, proper use of firefighting equipment, and other critical aspects of fire safety. This knowledge enables them to react swiftly and effectively in the event of a fire, minimising potential harm and catastrophic damage. 

The Importance of Fire Safety Training

Lifesaving: The primary objective of fire safety training is to save lives. In the event of a fire, the ability to remain calm, navigate escape routes, and use fire safety equipment can mean the difference between life and death. Proper training empowers delegates with the theoretical knowledge and skills to confidently respond during an emergency.

  • Effective Evacuation: Fire safety training educates individuals about quick and effective evacuation procedures, assembly points, and safe routes to follow. This knowledge ensures that occupants can evacuate your premises in an organised and efficient manner, minimising panic, and potential congestion.

  • Reducing Property Damage: Fires not only endanger lives but can also cause substantial property damage. Knowing how to use fire extinguishers and other firefighting equipment correctly can help contain fires before they spread and become dangerous, potentially reducing damage and significant financial losses.

  • Minimising Legal Liability: Failing to comply with fire safety regulations can lead to legal consequences, including fines and even imprisonment. Fire safety training demonstrates your organisation's commitment to safety and compliance, which can mitigate legal liabilities in the event of an accident.

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Our courses

With over 30 years of experience, Vulcan Fire Training has solidified its reputation as a leading provider of high-quality fire safety training courses. Our comprehensive course portfolio encompasses a wide range of industries, from healthcare and hospitality to education and manufacturing. By tailoring our courses to specific sectors, we ensure that delegates receive relevant, practical, and actionable knowledge for their organisation. And do not forget, some of our courses are available online if you’re not able to travel to one of our classes.

Our expert trainers bring a wealth of real-world experience to our training sessions, allowing delegates to learn from the best in the field. With a focus on interactive learning, participants are engaged through PowerPoint presentations and practical exercises. All our courses ensure our delegates have ample time to confidently ask and have any of their questions answered, to ensure they feel confident and comfortable. Additionally, by working closely with a range of organisations, our higher-level fire safety courses are accredited by The Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM) and recognised by The Institute of Fire Engineers (IFE).


Whilst it may be back to work, back to business, it is also important to constantly review your fire training capabilities as it is a necessity driven by legal requirements and an inherent responsibility to protect lives and property. Fire safety training plays a pivotal role in equipping delegates and businesses with the skills they need to navigate fire related emergency situations effectively. By ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations and investing in comprehensive training, we collectively contribute to a safer, more secure environment for everyone.